35 :.

June 4, 2007

That’s my fat percentage target to hit by the end of the year..  which means I have 6% to lose. You think 6% is not a lot.. but whoa.. trust me.. it took me 8 months to lose about 3 %, but that was with two months of couch potato-ing and eating.. I’m pretty sure with some intense working out and a rigid schedule, miracles can happen.. and I can hit that percentage.

I hope.

The major factor in this entire equation would be cardio… *sigh* Ask any bodybuilder what they hate most, and it would have to be cardio..  And I’m no different.. I’d rather do heavier and heavier weights than cardio..  But I’d rather do cardio than box jumps, mountain climbers and lunges..  Cardio is tedious.. it’s miles and miles on the treadmill/bike/rower without going anywhere..

I can’t run.. I can run for short distances and then my hip locks up.. and I end up rolling around on the ground until the tension in my legs disappear.. It’s weird.. I have to be careful not to tilt my hips wrongly either or I suffer excruciating pain.. I have no idea what causes it.. Because it’s not a serious problem, the doctors would rather leave it be rather than making me shell out a million and a half to figure out an issue that doesn’t really bother me on a daily basis.

So no high speed treadmill for Buffy, it’s the walking-on-an-incline thing.. But seriously, who can take that for an hour? I like the elliptical machine.. But it still takes some major jedi power to keep me on there for an hour..

I gotta figure this cardio thing out.. *sigh* In the meanwhile, all of Ian’s clients are doing the countdown thing.. eagerly awaiting his return..  especially me.. I am pretty sick of my routine already.. all three of them..

Oh yes, the other part of this whole weight loss issue.. diet.. *cranky* This whole six meals a day issue.. like wtf? Who knew eating could make you so miserable.. it’s not about the whole eating thing I suppose.. it’s the whole what to eat and when and how much, and the percentage of fat, protein and carbs..  and it’s not like health foods are abundant here.. By the time you figure out what you can eat guilt free, you’ve pretty much lost your appetite and save all the fuelling for the next big meal, and you end up consuming more calories to make up for the deficit earlier..

Can I moan about the milk? How milk is supposed to be good for you and all, and the increased calcium helps keep strong bones, and lose weight.. Bla, bla, bla.. I HATE MILK! Chocolate milk is just about tolerable.. but to drink a couple of glasses a day.. I nearly want to puke.. It’s not that I’m lacto-intolerant.. I’m fresh lacto-intolerant.. I can’t drink fresh milk.. I can actually do a ‘Regan’ projectile vomit after drinking fresh milk.. I used that trick to get me out of classes at boarding school.. Milk just holds too many memories of wanting to puke.. so I have to hold my gag reflex after drinking that glass of chocolate milk or wash the taste of it with water..

You know, at the rate I whine, you’re probably wondering why the hell am I still bothering with all this?

Because Buffy never gave up, even when the chips were down.. and I’m not about to give up the Buffy dream either..

*gags* Chocolate milk.. will be my undoing..

I’m already saintly by the fact that I’m no longer guzzling chips, chocolate and ice cream.. I have a bag of Ruffles in my room, in case of emergencies, and I’ve managed not to rip the bag open in times when things were going less than swimmingly.. and I no longer need a supply of ice cream on standby in the fridge.. Chocolate is a treat… I’m pretty good for 80% of the month.. but that 20% when all hormones break loose and cause hell.. That I cannot help.. I’d rather have the chips, salty badness, bloating and all, rather than turn into a raging hormonal monster.. You really don’t wanna see what happens to me when you take away my junk food when I’m PMS-ing. It’s a regular horror movie feature.


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  1. Lol.. you had me laughing. keep to it, eventually you’ll reach your goal. I only started today!!

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