Rising Teen Crime in Brunei – Borneo Bulletin :.

June 4, 2007

See Article here. Warning: That links to BruDirect, notorious for heavy advertising, so if your browser loads pretty slowly.. it’s not your connection.. it’s the crappy site.. It’s so bad, I try not to visit it because it’s known for causing browser crashes.

But that’s not the point.. I’m talking about how the headline in the newspaper is drawing attention to the burgeoning bored youth problem here.. It’s no surprise.. There are actually few things that the kids can actually do. There are a few kids clubs and activities.. and most of the time, kids are too busy with tuition and school, that they have no time for other activities.. which leads to rebellion..

In my experience.. it’s all too easy to escape from tuition and go hang out with friends.. especially when tuition schools are sprouting up in commercial areas like Delima, Kiulap and Gadong.. Parents just drop off the kids at tuition school, the children smile, wave, watch as their parents drive off.. and *wham!* They’re off to The Mall or Sugarbun, or Jollibee…  They’re sly little buggers, I tell you.. I can say this because I have been there..

I’m sure we have facilities for kids in Brunei.. the problem is they’re not well publicized.. The other thing is people here are a bit ‘karit.’ (Admit it, it’s true!) People don’t want to pay for a service if they can avoid it.. So rather pay for something which their kids can benefit from, they’d rather wait for the free beta version..

I’m not adverse to working with kids.. If it means I get to help raise a free-thinking generation with great morals.. give ’em here.. I’d love to help these kids stay out of trouble and give them some inspiration towards greatness.. I have a few ideas that I’d like to establish.. Like my book club, for example.. and a sports club, for kids who’d like to keep active.. I even wanted to build a skate park inside a warehouse.. until I was told that the whole skateboarding trend was on a decline.. I don’t want things to go by trends.. I want the cool stuff to stay.. I’d like the kids now and in the future to have a better childhood than I did.. and a safer one..

I know parents can’t monitor their kids 100% of the time.. But surely there is something better they can do than letting their kids trawl endlessly in The Mall or other shopping complexes, hook up with bad influences and get labelled as social ills.

I’m trying to put together a series of activities for the kids in the afternoons so that parents can send their kids knowing that they’ll be safe.. Perhaps a club of sorts.. where kids can get help for their homework, and after they’re done.. do some interesting activities so they won’t feel bored.. at least it’ll get them away from the boring brain-drain box called TV.

Ideas, ideas.. just no funds to carry them out..


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