Robot Chicken : Star Wars :.

June 4, 2007

If you have never seen Robot Chicken.. What rock have you been hiding under for the last couple of years? Go and youtube it! Wait.. you wouldn’t know what youtube is either.. so go Google it! Oh, wait.. *sigh*

Get the low-down here : Robot Chicken on Wikipedia.

Meanwhile, on Planet Earth, where people are informed thanks to the wonderful world of teh intarwebs.. The breaking story is that George Lucas has given his blessing to an all Star Wars Robot Chicken episode.. Sweet!

Mr. Lucas is known for setting his legal rottweilers on any unsanctioned Star Wars parodies.. protecting his beloved cash cow at all costs.. But unbelievably.. a clip from the famed satrical series reached Lucas’ inbox.. and the rest is history..

Here’s the article about the Star Wars Robot Chicken episode.

And below is the famed clip which caught Lucas’ attention..

I know y’all will be sitting on your hands until June 17th.. just like me..


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