Buy the bottle.. :.

June 5, 2007

I just found an auction which I find absolutely hilarious.. but it makes me sound really, really sad..

There’s an Iced Tea Bottle from China which is being sold on eBay for.. wait for it.. The grand price of 4.99, pounds that is..

The thing is it has Hayden Christensen on it, as it was part of the promotional campaign for ‘Revenge Of The Sith’.. So the hardcore fans would view it as a collectible..

Now, I have that very same bottle, sitting on the shelf of my vanity at home, because I was in Beijing shortly after the release of the movie.. I had about 6 of those bottles, but my mom threw away the rest because she thought they were a waste of space (says she who is a pack rat and a half!)

The only reason why I kept those bottles was because I couldn’t bear to throw away anything with Hayden Christensen’s face on it.. sad, I know.. but true..

Dammit mom, I could have pocketed $100 just for those farking bottles! All for just 12 yuan too.. MEH!

Along the same line of unbelievable shit.. a trading card is being listed for 800 quid.. Hah.. Good luck to whoever buys that.. Hopefully it will be me after I make my first million.. hehe


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