Joss Whedon signed prop stake :.

June 5, 2007

Here’s one for both Buffy and Firefly/Serenity fans..

A Joss Whedon signed replica prop stake..  Everybody say OOOHH!

There’s about two days left in the auction.. and as of now, it’s going for just about Au$57.

Still cheap, methinks.. for a Joss Whedon autograph..

It’s soooo tempting.. But I’d have a hard time explaining to the customs officials here why I would want a big stick with a signature on it.

Oh mannnn.. I waaannnnttttt… *sigh* But I’m saving up for a very, very special Father’s day/Appreciation gift for my Dad..  It’s only a signed stake anyway.. *sssiiiiiggggghhhh*


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