Moving on up :.

June 6, 2007

My Zz is moving to Singapore this weekend for 3 month crash course and training on his way up the hotel management ladder.. That’s the reason he’s been so busy these days.. *sigh* It’s okay.. I try my best to play the supportive girlfriend, because I know it’s what he needs right now..

It does make me happy that he’s in Singapore though.. There are more possibilities to visit him.. and even if I do visit, it’s not like I don’t know how to amuse myself there while he’s busy during the day..

I love that as we go on.. our relationship is getting more relaxed and comfortable.. In the beginning of this year, things were so tense, and I couldn’t make my mind up.. I had a blip on the brain.. But he was also pushing me in a direction I was probably not ready to go..

But things are getting good.. You know what’s funny.. Back in uni, when we were ‘intensely’ in love with each other and just never got the chance to be together..  we never had it as good as we do now.. It’s true what they say.. with age, comes wisdom, and understanding..

Just last night, we were talking about how great things were.. and I was telling him about ‘the dress..’  There’s a wedding shop just below my office, and as I was parking my car a couple of days ago, I noticed they had changed the display.. and that’s when I saw it.. ‘the dress.’ The one you know that’s gonna look perfect on you and you wanna get married in..  My heart still stops everytime I look at it.. It’s perfect..

I was telling Zz about it.. and I love how he got excited over it as much as I did.. but in a non-pressuring way..  We’ve reached that ‘tipping point’, that moment in the relationship where things are either gonna go all bad, or all good..  and you know what.. it’s gonna be all good..

I miss him a whole lot.. but it’s okay.. because we’ll probably have the rest of our lives together soon enough.. I gotta support him in what he’s doing now.. I can still remember the e-mail I sent him ages ago when he was making the critical decision to go to uni overseas, or stay in Malaysia..  and that was the e-mail that helped him make his decision..

I’m so glad to have been there then.. and to be helping him now..  and looking forward to doing so in the future..

Good luck, sayang! *kisses*


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