When a guy loves a geek :.

June 7, 2007

Dear readers,

When it comes to love, I hope you will find someone who loves you full and complete, who will absolutely do anything to make you happy, even though that person doesn’t really understand it.

I wish you your very own ‘Zz’.

As if it’s not enough that I have someone to be with who loves and understands me.. he goes out on a limb to make me the happiest Browncoat in the world.

Today I received a parcel from the U.S, I was expecting my Buffy Season 8 comics. But I was wondering how they managed to get here so fast. In my wildest dreams, did I expect to find..

10! Ten! Serenity comics. BWAH!

Holy crap. He managed to get all the variant covers, and one extra Simon Tam variant.. unbelievable..

I don’t know how he did it.. I just know, he amazes me everyday.. he tries so hard to make me so happy..

When we get married, I don’t care.. I want to see those comic books on a silver tray.. as hantaran.. Though no one will understand the meaning of it.. I will.. and that’s the only thing that matters..


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