The Long Way Home – Buffy Season 8 :.

June 21, 2007

Fortunately, when Buffy The Vampire Slayer finished it’s televised run, it would not be the last that we would hear from the world’s favourite Slayer..

Joss Whedon, working with Dark Horse Comics, is releasing Season 8, through the medium of comic books.. The first story arc, ‘The Long Way Home’, was just completed on June 8th, and I received my set of 11 Buffy comics yesterday.. I had ordered all the different variant covers, because they are so amazingly beautiful..

Right, onto ‘Long Way Home’, Joss Whedon’s signature humour is there from the get go, the opening page of the first comic, so you know you’re in familiar territory.. Buffy, having survived the decimation of Sunnydale and saving the world, is now the elder stateswoman in a world full of activated slayer. She leads 1,800 slayers.. with the help of Xander, a.k.a Sergeant Fury, who is now her technological ‘Watcher’.. She thinks she’s still saving the world via teams of slayers.. But there are groups who think otherwise..

The illustrations are fantastic.. But admittedly, I had to read every comic twice to get into the story itself.. Joss Whedon stylised the comic in the same way he did the tv show, with fast cuts and breaks in the moments of suspense.. And that in particular doesn’t exactly translate well into comic.. I love how Joss fully brings back characters from the show.. like Amy Madison for example.. Wow.. Brilliant! Hands up to that! Didn’t see that coming.. Well, I should have, becausein the Whedonverse, even if you die, you’re not really dead.. Come on, my blonde namesake died twice, for goodness sake, and she’s still saving the world in one form or another.

Overall, ‘LWH’ is a brilliant start to what I hope will be a long a fruitful Season 8. Joss Whedon may not be writing the next story arc, but he effectively will be ‘executive producing’ it, so I will definitely keep buying.

In association with the translation of the show to comic book form, Dark Horse Comics is releasing ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer Omnibus Vol. 1’ on July 18th, a collection of previously released comics from ‘The Origin’, a faithful adaptation of the screenplay that started it all.. This is the ultimate Buffy collection, and a perfect companion to ‘Season 8’ (I’ve pre-ordered mine already.. can’t wait!) A 26 page preview is available online : Clickies Here.


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