If only :.

June 22, 2007

If the world were run my way..  the male population would all be blue eyed, and dark haired, talk in Southern accents, and they’d only want gutsy girls, with balls… and don’t mind the fact that their girlfriend’s weightlift.. And they would all have manners because if they leered or made rude remarks.. a pen would jab them in their sensitive man parts…

There’d be sales everyday.. The stores would take in upon rotation to have a sale.. And credit cards.. if you spent in a sale.. you’d actually get the difference put into your bank account..

Fat free versions of everything would actually taste good..

They’d have separate gyms for wannabes and people serious about working out.. And everyone who signed up for a trial membership would have to wear ugly yellow t-shirts that say ‘Trial’ and  get second dibs for everything..

Power cages would be available in pink, and because they were in that colour.. they’d be less than half price for anyone who dared to buy one..

You could tap into the internet with your brain.. and play games that way too..

One day a week, men would be required to pamper their wives/girlfriends – draw a bath, wash their hair, mani/pedi,  massage and then finish off with VS lotion.. and make sweet, sweet love afterwards.. and not fall asleep until their partners say so..

If only..


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