All Hail The Whedon! :.

June 23, 2007

It’s Joss’ birthday today.. I was gonna honour the great master by staying in and having a total Whedon-fest.. Watching Firefly, Serenity, Toy Story, and dig out my old VHS Season 1 & 2 of the Buffster. But as it turned out.. I have other plans now.

It seems that some of the sellers on eBay have cottoned on to this fact, and started selling some great stuff..

There’s an auction for a brand spanking new ‘Firefly’ Promo crate with all sorts of cool goodies… These are hard to find because they were sent out as promos for the then new series.. All proceeds go to Equality Now, one of Joss’ favourite causes. I’d give my eye-teeth to get my hands on it.. Heh.. geddit? Eye-teeth? Vampire? Anyone? *sigh* Nvm..  Clickies here to check it out.

For those collecting the Serenity comics :

1) A signed Bryan Hitch Jayne Cobb Variant.

2) A Summer Glau signed River Tam Variant.

3) A set of 1-3 Serenity Comics w/ Cast signed poster. 

There’s also a crew jacket, an Adam Baldwin signed Serenity t-shirt, and other great stuff.. If you’re a Firefly-Serenity collector, it’s worth taking a few minutes to search for this stuff to add to your collection.

Meanwhile, in Browncoat friendly places in the ‘Verse, they’re holding screenings of ‘Serenity’ and ‘Can’t Stop The Serenity’ events… *sigh* in honor of Joss’ birthday and to raise money for ‘Equality Now.’

So whatever you’re doing, I hope you’re having a great day. Joss.. Happy Birthday..


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