Welcome back ye Londoners :.

June 23, 2007

Summer’s officially here.. well.. for me anyway… It means that some of my favourite people are back home.. and I have more friends to play with..

Tonight I hung out with one of my favourite couples in the world.. The double I. Oh man.. It was just like old times, when we were back in London.. you know the conversation that doesn’t go stale.. and it was a good mix of intellectual and gossip..

We kept on touching on the old skool subject.. But that’s because those were really good times.. Those were the days where we were carefree.. and really, it felt like the world was our oyster..

It’s not that it isn’t now, but it’s just that times have changed a little for me.. and I’m making that scary transition called ‘growing up.’ My headspace is filled with more work-related things, and plans and ideas for a family life.. At 25, I’m nowhere near old, but I’m older. I’m not naive, idealistic, ballsy, invincible and carefree as I once was, and for a second, I thought I envied I & I, because they still could go back to London.. but I realised, it was just me missing something I once had..  When I heard the stories of someone whom I thought I respected making a damn undiginified fool of herself.. I realised.. I’ve lived those days.. I had my adventures, big and small, and I’m ready to move forwards, not move backwards.
I left the Island of hedonistic pleasures.. and though it’s nice to visit sometimes, I know I live in the real world now.

I & I were telling me things were not as they once were, and I guess, I really lived in the Golden Age. He was telling me he lived a calmer life, and she was more focused on the study side of things. In their on way.. they’re on the stepping stones to growing up..  Small baby steps compared to the big steps I’m taking, but they’ll get there in their own time.

I’m happy.. I got to see a couple of good friends and reminiscence..  That’s the way things should be. I’m really happy where I am now.. difficulties, hard ball, boring life and all.. I’m ready to take the next step.. Now I just have to be patient and wait for when my darling is ready too.

I don’t miss London that much, Brunei Hall even less.. I just miss the people the most.. because they were the ones whom I made the memories with, but they’ll be back soon enough.. in dribs and drabs. Until then I can wait.

So Welcome home you guys.. I hope to see more of you in the days to come.


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  1. Back in the U.S.S.R Virginie Jalal.

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