I’m sorry you’ve been a jerk too :.

June 24, 2007

Zz *FINALLY* called. I knew that patience would pay off.. and a *subtly* worded e-mail.. It’s amazing what the threat of running away with Hayden Christensen to elope in Las Vegas will do…

It’s not that I want to be a bitch or anything… It’s just two weeks without talking to my boyfriend is waaaayyyy too long.. especially the way I’ve been feeling lately.

Even the conversation was short and sweet, I got the reassurance I needed.

Listen boys, it’s not that we women are insecure psychos who assume that you’re cheating on us the second that we have our backs turned.. (wait.. well, I speak for myself when I say that..) It’s just that the way we’re programmed emotionally, we do need a bit more reassurance. Once a month when I go hormonal, my behavior does tend to go borderline psycho..  but that’s not my fault.. blame biology. But yeah.. when you’re away from your girl, she can’t help but feel lonely, because her emotional needs are not being fulfilled.  You know those things like hugs and kisses, holding hands, or the way that Zz likes to stroke my hand when we’re sitting together.. physical contact means a lot.. so being away from boyfriend.. it just makes it feel a lot emptier..

Zz thought that a 5 minute phone call was really not worth the cost, especially when we usually talk for hours on end.. It wasn’t the quantity I needed.. I want that 5 minute phone call because if I don’t get to touch my boyfriend on a daily basis, the least I should get is to hear is his voice.. and let me tell you he has one of the sexiest voices in the world.. especially when he sings down the phone to me.. *sigh* I just positively melt..

All better now! Things are finally calming down at work, and he’s really enjoying what he’s doing.. Even though the demands are huge, and sometimes the hours are long.. He’s feeling much more appreciated.  I’m really happy for Zz..  And  now that he’s whipped I feel a lot better too.. Just kidding!

Anyway.. tomorrow’s Monday.. I’m gonna try and get some sleep.. this tooth of mine is making me a helluva lot cranky too..


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