The Thousand Dollar Tooth :.

June 24, 2007

I just went to the dentist today.. Now I’m out 1k. Yup. Well, that’s what a root canal at JPMC will cost ya. I’m not complaining though, the specialist did great work. Minimal pain, and I’m able to eat after.. Mahal tu yo… dapat makan atu..

I have an insane fear of needles.. Hearing the dental drill makes me want to faint. I had some bad experiences when it comes to dental work. One time, I had to be given G.A in order for the dentist to give me a Local because I was so nervous about the needle coming near my mouth, I actually bit him. Hard. I believe there was a ripped rubber glove.

The Specialist at JPMC is actually a Professor at N.U.H in Singapore, so you know you’re in good hands. Dr. Seng will talk you through everything he does, and tries to minimize pain wherever he can. I’m not saying it wasn’t painless, but it was tolerable. Although I daresay that once the local wears off, I’m going to be cursing a helluva lot, but I’m taking some precautions.

I was having the time of my life in the dental chair. They had MTV on, it was some Fall Out Boy special, so there I was rocking out.. humming away.. which I think amused the Doctor and the nurses somewhat. He made me promise that I wouldn’t bob my head to the music while he was doing some drill work. I just waggled my feet instead. I can’t help it. Good music moves me.

Right, I’m going to nap now. Feeling a little woozy…


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