Sad :.

June 26, 2007

A friend of mine from the UK e-mailed me today telling me that one of my former charges at Wood Green Nursing Home had passed on. I know death is very much a part of life, I know that we all have our own ticking clocks, some of them going faster than others.. But death never fails to affect me so deeply.. from school friends, to relatives.. to people I have reached out to.. hearing about their untimely calling back to God strikes me so deeply.. sometimes it hurts..

I used to do volunteer work while I was in the UK. It was a great because it made me feel wanted and needed, and I got to meet people from all walks of life. One of the places I was assigned to was the Wood Green Nursing Home.. since it was on route, I made a point to stop for an hour or two, sometimes staying until late! just to keep the old folks company. They had amazing stories, showed me really great things.. and made me feel like family, despite the fact that I was a stranger in a foreign land. I think they were impressed by the stories about Brunei more than anything.

One of those very special people who shared their time with me was Lyndell. Lyndell was this spritely lady, who seemed to have a say about everything. She was very eccentric.. often asking me to snag some cigarettes for her on her way in, and asked me to prepare her ‘medicine.’ (I use that term loosely now, because I now realise what it really was!) and I now have the biggest smile on my face with tears in my eyes for that loud old biddy. She used to berate me for sounding like those damn ‘buggery’ Americans and her hands were so stiff from arthritis, I actually had to hold her cards when she played bridge. Sometimes she have those moments, missing her grandchildren, and she’d just want me to sit on the floor, her hands in my hair. It was sad but sweet. The old are often forgotten there, and not valued or cared for as much as they are in Asian Society.

Lyndell passed on about a week and a half ago. They had her funeral on Sunday.I didn’t know her for very long, but she’s one of those strong personalities you will always remember. I wish her peace and that all her suffering that she was living with while on this earth is lifted.

I know that there’s no way that I could have been there.. but I hope someone she loved or loved her was there with her when she passed. That’s the one thing I wish for everyone. We may be alone in the grave, but we don’t have to die alone.

Lyndell, Rest in peace, and thank you for your good life.


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