Not sure where :.

July 4, 2007

It’s been crazy.. really crazy.. and I’m not sure about myself.. I don’t know, maybe I’m hitting another phase or something.. But I feel like I’m half living, half watching a movie right now.. How can one feel so separate and disjointed about their life?

I bumped into an old friend a couple of days ago.. I have missed this person so much.. when I sat down and talked to them, it was like things hadn’t changed.. which worried me a lot.. Well, it was them that hadn’t changed really.. I’m not naive and personable as I once was, I’ve grown.. it seemed like they hadn’t..

I know before I was a people pleaser, and I would.. and still do, anything for my friends.. but I guess nowadays, I reserve the right to veto certain things.. I realised that people don’t care about me as much as I think they do.. But it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped caring about people.. It just means that I’ve learned to be selfish for myself.

Right.. just trying to get by these weird days.. Oh, if you see some insane lady, showing off on the DDR machines in Q-lap.. that would probably be me.. hehe Stay far away from my flailing arms, wouldja?


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