Wish you could get back there? :.

July 6, 2007

Sometimes, I miss my old life for purely selfish reasons.. The freedom I had to celebrate myself and my sexuality.. The confidence I had when I was going out for a night on the town.. Really.. I look back and I can’t imagine how I did it now.. Of course, here, I’m not able to.. It’s not a city I can get lost in anonymity.. And the fishing grounds just aren’t the same…

I had the pleasure of walking through the memories of my lil’ slice of Hedonism.. I met up with a friend for dinner, and our conversation wandered into my favourite territory. I regaled with him tales of the ‘what once was’ and ‘there was this one time..’ But the more I talked about it.. the small urge grew to become a huge temptation..

It’s whole impropriety and how anonymous, yet easy things were in times past.. I was a being radiating this youthful, sexy confident energy… And unless you really ‘knew’ me, you knew nothing.. I almost lived a double life..

Right now all those thoughts are just wandering in my head like haunting ghosts.. and it’s awakening a long dormant creature that I thought I put to sleep for obvious reasons..

If only you could hear the cogs in my head clicking and whirring.. cooking up another plan…


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