The importance of eating well.. :.

July 7, 2007

This is going to sound like some high school health class b.s.. but man, I understand it more than ever today..

This entire week and a bit, I haven’t been looking after myself.. junking out.. indulging… eating what I want when I want.. just really following emotional highs and lows..

I have never felt shittier in my life..

What’s the difference, you say? It’s not like you haven’t eaten this stuff before.. Yeah true..

But since I’ve started the gym thing, I’m a little more careful and conscious about what I eat.. More healthy food.. less junk.. and really, it’s made a difference.. Energy levels wise.. I was pretty much a sloth back in the UK.. I ate so much, and yet, I never had any energy.. I needed naps just to keep going through the day.. I woke up, I ate, I went to sleep, I just didn’t feel like doing anything else except watch TV, and maybe wander out of my room in search of my friends, every so often.. and that was to eat more junk..

When you think about it really.. I was eating kebabs smothered in mayo and dripping with grease, mashed potatoes, maggi, mee goreng, lots of rice with overcooked vegetables (Brunei Hall meals) and there was really nothing that had any real nutritional value, except the vitamins I took which my deluded self thought was enough to keep a body healthy.. It’s not..

Nowadays, it’s less rice, more raw vegetables and fruit, less fried stuff, more fish, less carbs, more protein.. Except for last week…

Here’s how the days went down that lead to the workout which I felt I almost could not keep up with:

Monday : Along with normal meals, mee goreng and Ruffles and Dairy Milk chocolate minis.

Tuesday : Normal meals, assorted malay kueh in between (shitloads of sugar), a gelato from dreamcones, keropok

Wednesday : Lunch out, sushi for dinner, more Ruffles, even more chocolate.

Thursday: Crap lunch, sushi dinner (with extras), and 3 sugar loaded drinks in the evening at coffee stops.

Friday: Heavy lunch (mostly carbs), Heavy dinner (even more carbs), chocolate and more Ruffles.

Saturday: No breakfast, hot dog from Jollibee for lunch.

And then workout..

I had no energy.. admittedly, I haven’t been working out for a week and a half.. but it usually the weeks off do not affect me as much as it did today.. I was struggling through 50 sit-ups.. I usually can do 150.. My strength was cut in half.. My recovery times sucked..

I think it was the food, honestly..

Let me put it this way.. It’s like expecting a Ferrari to run like a Ferrari, but putting crude oil into it. It’s gonna run, very badly, or worst, it’s gonna go haywire..

Yeah, my Ferrari, definitely not running smoothly today… manakan.. you expect your body to perform the amazing feats it does, while running on chemicals, too much salt, and not enough nutrients.

Lesson learned, moving on.


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