Triple 07 :.

July 7, 2007

My sister got the call that we made the list for the NBT Treasure Hunt late yesterday morning.. I’m excited.. and a little relieved.. A little adventure this weekend will keep my mind off the trouble in paradise..

I finally got to see the ‘Star Wars’ episode of ‘Robot Chicken’ last night… hehe.. some new stuff, some old stuff I’d seen before.. but funny.. I was amazed at the number of guest stars they had.. among the list : George Lucas, James Van Der Beek and Breckin Meyer.. Very cool.. Click here to check it out.

4 more days before the Harry Pothead.. er, Potter comes out! *squee!* I don’t care, I like reading Harry Potter.. I will be one of the first few to raid Best Eastern when the new book comes out 10 days after the movie.. WHO DIES???? I hope it’s not gonna be a Buffy ending though.. Harry dies, and gets resurrected by magic.. But whatever it is.. please let it be the thickest book EVAR! I read the last volume in less than 12 hours.. I was obsessed.. I couldn’t sleep until I finished it.. I really get annoyed at myself when that happens.. Eyes say sleep, brain says.. NOT YET!

Disappointed that Nathan Fillion’s series ‘Drive’ has been canceled, and the last two episodes were dropped from the viewing schedule in the US.. (Wtf is wrong with Fox? They’re stewpid.. dropping Firefly, and then Drive? Stewpider than Sci-Fi.. Ranking top in the list of all time stewpid networks..!) It had a really great premise, and I’m interested to see how Fillion portrays retired, racing driver with a secret.. woo.. It has to be as good as ‘Captain Tight-Pants.’ Yum! And I’d watch him in anything really just to hear him speak in that accent of his.. DIRTY! Well, I’ll just have to wait ’til they release it on DVD to see.. In the meantime I can catch him on the big screen in ‘Waitress.’

Okay, is it me, or is Shia LeBeouf strangely hot these days? Yeah, I know his stock has gone up since Transformers, but I actually liked him in ‘Constantine.’ If you didn’t know, he was the annoying brother in ‘Evens Stevens’ on Nickelodeon.. and he was amazingly annoying.. but brilliant.. He’s really grown into his ‘man-face,’ while some of us are still trying to not look like we’re in our second adolescence. Him and Hayden Christensen are lucky.. they got hot in their 20’s. Anyway, can’t wait to see him in ‘Disturbia’.. Guy sure knows how to pick his roles, a good mix of character AND mainstream.. means appeals to many markets. He is sure gonna be Hollywood Hot Stuff.. hope he does stray in the way of the Lohan…

Apparently, shopping on eBay is cooler since it’s in the movies, Transformers in perticular. I’ve known that for ages.. I eBay, a lot. And I have faith in the Brunei postal system.. a little on the slow side.. but I’ve received everything I’ve ever ordered online.. and the customs people are nice too.. They’ve seen so much of me the last few months, they know me by name.. Last thing I bought on eBay : A pair of Paris Blues embroidered jeans, and a pair of Levi’s Rock Star dark denim wash jeans. Total price plus shipping : B$98. Total price in U.S stores : US$94. Getting current, cool, original clothing in your size, without paying the price of a plane ticket to the U.S : priceless. Can you see the bargain here? Can ya?

I’ve been Star-confused lately.. I’ve been missing my Stargate.. (I miss all my DVDs, a friend of mine borrowed my Seasons 1 -8, and he hasn’t been able to give it back yet..) so I’ve been reading a lot of Stargate Fanfics (mostly slash and of course, shippers!) and the Kirk Vs Picard Fan written stuff.. It is so good.. Makes me wanna go to Joey’s and pick up a few seasons of The Next Generation. The best part : Wil Wheaton, celebrity blogger and Geek extraordinaire, (I don’t have to mention his other title.. you already know what that is..) acts out a few scenes.. *sigh* I love Wil.. Not only is he my geek leader and the blogger I aspire to be.. but I totally had a crush on Wesley.. when he wasn’t being annoying.. Oh, come on.. I am geek and proud, and don’t care.

Our only female cat gave birth a couple of days ago, to six, SIX! cute kittens. Everybody say AAAwwwww! I am so proud of Cici.. I hope these ones survive.. The previous ones didn’t.. I have new fuzzy friends… YAYE!

Right.. that’s everything I have to say for now.. Lay-ters..


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