The Lovely Bones :.

July 9, 2007

I just read somewhere that Ryan Gosling and Rachel Weisz have signed on to Peter Jackson’s adaptation of Alice Seabold’s book ‘The Lovely Bones.’

It’s one of the books on my list of favourites.. along with her ‘Lucky.’ The underlying theme and subject matter of the books are quite disturbing, and I daresay that it really does hit too close to home for me.. Which is why I’ve read the books once, and haven’t dared to read them again..

But don’t let that fool you.. Seabold has this delightful writing style.. never maudlin, but invokes sadness.. never dramatic, but emphasizes the entire emotions of the characters.. Which are why her books are on my list..

So I’m quite excited to hear that Peter Jackson is bringing the book onto the big screen.. I hope that the scriptwriters will do justice to the interpretation and keep all the important scenes and events in the book.. There’s a variety of interesting characters and I don’t they get too ‘Hollywood’ happy and cut out all the good ones.

I’m really interested to see how Ryan Gosling will take on the role of ‘Jack Salmon’, the main character’s father. I’ve only really seen him act in ‘Murder By Numbers’, ‘The Notebook’ and ‘Fracture.’ But those performances are enough to convince me that he will do the character justice. In the novel, ‘Jack Salmon’, (the main character’s father) suffers such grief and angst, and has something close to a mental breakdown after the breakdown of his marriage and the death of his daughter.. It’s just that complicated. But if you’ve seen ‘The Notebook’, you’ll see Gosling’s two different performances that are just amazing. Though he is playing the same person, the differences and almost whole attitude for the two Noahs (pre-war and post-war) are different, yet definitely related.. which is why I can wholly believe in him playing ‘Jack Salmon.’

Jury’s still out for Rachel Weisz.. I liked her in ‘Constantine’ and ‘The Mummy’ movies, but the role of ‘Abigail Salmon’, (the main character’s mother) is one that not only is remarkably complex, but she has to play her so the audience doesn’t hate her. In the book, after the death of her daughter, Abigail has an affair, and subsequently takes flight to a vinyard in California, leaving her husband and family behind. But she is still a very likable character despite the fact she does these seemingly unredeemable things. I’ll be interested to see her interpretation on screen when the movie comes out.

Production is said to start late this year, and is said to be out in 2008. This is one movie I will be following closely, from production to showing..

But before then, I do suggest you read Seabold’s books to see what I am talking about.. Trust me when I say, that you will be left feeling sad, hopeful, uplifted and even bewildered and left wanting more..


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