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July 10, 2007

Since I’m a regular eBayer, I got asked today what some of the jargon there mean. Here’s the breakdown of the abbreviations.

NWT : New With Tags

NWOT : New With Out Tags

COA : Certificate of Authenticity

P/P : Preprint (usually applies to autographs) It’s a copy of an original. Not usually worth the purchase.

Tips on eBay:

Buying clothing – Unless it implicitly states that it is NEW, NWT, NWOT, the likelyhood is, it’s been worn or second hand. Please ask the seller if it doesn’t say. They are required to answer questions about their items for sale, and if they don’t, it’s not worth the purchase. No matter how much you want that ‘new looking’ Episode I Jar Jar Binks T-shirt.

Look out for lots – sometimes you can get lots of clothes, new ones, or a variety of grouped items for good low prices. Shipping is of course the killer, but sometimes it all works out. Try typing in ‘lot’ or ‘lots’ when you’re searching on eBay. I once found this lot for the Serenity Figures on the cheap. Really cheap. You’ll be surprised what you can find.

Combined Shipping – If you’re buying lots of items from one seller, make sure that they combine shipping. Because sometimes they don’t, and you’re stuck paying shipping for 3 or 4 items. If you’re not sure, ask.

Shipping Internationally – A lot of the time, the sellers only list United States as the area that they’ll ship to. It’s always worth asking if they do ship overseas, especially if you’re interested in several items. I’ve had great experiences with sellers when I asked, and one even threw in a pair of free Levi’s jeans with my order. Awesome.

Be polite – Very Polite. When inquiring about items, either about shipping, condition or quantity, or anything else.. do be sure that you are really polite in your correspondence. And write clearly and simply. The better that the sellers understand you, the more likely you’re going to get a positive reply. (See free jeans above!)

Caveat Emptor – In other words, ‘Let the buyer beware.’ Sometimes if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Look at a seller’s feedback before buying. I know, it’s a pain to do it.. But checking out their track record will give you an idea of whether you want to purchase with them or not. I always recommend that if you see more than 5 negative feedback in the last 6 months, don’t buy from them.

Feedback – Always leave feedback after you receive the item. Even if it’s a month after the purchase. It’s better to leave feedback when you get your stuff, because once it’s on there, you can’t take it back. And you’ll be even more grouchier because that ‘new’ Jar Jar Binks shirt was worn and not washed!

If there are any other questions, please raise your hands..

That’s it for today class..


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