Finding Serenity at the gym :.

July 10, 2007

No, not the Firefly class ship.. but a little slice of inner peace..

I went to Q-lap today.. and Ian really kicked my butt…  I haven’t done bench presses in a while, so I was disappointed that I could only decreasing sets with only the bar. However.. I did outlast my previous time on the treadwall. Note to self: must buy more stretchy pants if I want to do that regularly.

My forearms are aching something nastee.. I keep using my arms to pull myself up, instead of using my legs to push up the wall.. Oh well.. Learning.. but I’m gonna have bad-ass forearms and it will get me closer to that pull-ups goal.

Am really liking the new gym.. especially since I can warm up at the arcade in Kiulap before I start my work out… hehehe..

Right, Buffy’s had her week off..time to crack the whip again..


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