1111 :.

July 18, 2007

1111 – Approx No. of Calories I burned at the gym today, according to my Polar Watch.

58 – No. of shots I missed.

8 – No. of shots I managed to get in the basket.

30 – Minutes I stayed in the Beginners Spinning Class.

2 – Minute intervals which I started jogging on the treadmill.

1 – really proud but tired Buffy.

I’m trying to get out of the rut I’ve been wallowing in and trying to reprogram my brain not to hate cardio. Cardio is almost essential to any weight loss program, and these past few weeks, my two sessions of weights with Ian has pretty much been what I’ve been doing each week. I’m trying to change that.

I was telling Ian about my cardio rut yesterday, and he took me to the basketball court to shoot some hoops and practice some passes. I got quite into it, so I included it today in my ‘cardio-fest.’ I just needed to change up things a little bit.. so I added short running intervals when I’m on the treadmill, and started hanging out in the basketball court.

I don’t what made me say ‘yes’ to the spinning class though.. Pia just came up to me and asked if I wanted to join.. and I have refused profusely many times before.. and before I knew it, I was one of those really uncomfy bike seats, listening to Rosa yell “Up, down, up down, UP DOWN!” I always find myself in situations where I’m the only female. This spinning class wasn’t any different. I mean, save for Rosa, there I was, the only girl. “One girl in all the world..” Is it because I wannabe Buffy? Hehehe.. Okay, LAME! I know..

Can’t wait for tomorrow.. I asked Ian to reschedule our Saturday session.. because I’ll feeling rather psyched..

You know what would be a really interesting workout? Teyla from Stargate : Atlantis stick fighting martial arts. That would be pretty awesome.. Either that or sword fighting… I love watching movies with lots of intricate swordplay, because it’s not just about swinging this massive metal thing with sharp edges around, it’s almost like a dance… a very dangerous one while wielding a massive metal thing with sharp edges..

Anyone know someone like that who could teach me?


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