Addicted to Lust :.

July 19, 2007

I just picked up a copy of the 2 Season set for ‘Dante’s Cove.’ It’s chock full of love, lust, magic, dark stuff, beach scenes.. and eye-candy… YUM!

I’ve been dying to see it since last year, when I discovered the trailer on YouTube by accident.. Since then, it was first on my list of DVD series to buy when I hit my most favouritest city in the world.. (yes, even before Stargate SG-1)

For those of you who have no clue about ‘Dante’s Cove‘ which would be most.. a word of warning : ‘DC’ is a predominantly Gay oriented show, capisce? If you’re not comfortable seeing a lot of man on man action, I suggest you give this a big miss.. But for those more open-minded and gay-friendly.. It’s worth a look-see..

Basically, ‘DC’ follows a cute gay couple and their friends in Dante’s Cove, who get mixed up in magic and horror.. Whoa.. It’s ‘The O.C’ meets ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ meets ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ meets ‘Charmed’ meets erotica.. Yeah-huh. If you want to know more, I suggest you go click on the links above, because I don’t really wanna give the plotline away.

The first season consists of two more than an hour long episodes.. both which I finished last night because I could not stop watching.. The two main characters, Toby and Kevin are hot, Hot, HAWT! Whoever the casting director was, I want to kiss them, man or woman! The entire cast, (save for the other two principal actors, William Gregory Lee and Tracy Scoggins, which I will get to later), are so amazingly hot.. There are hot lesbians, hot straight people.. I think they went and kidnapped all the beautiful people and shoved them onto this little cove.. Makes me want to move there..

Toby and Kevin, (Charlie David and Greg Michael) are just beautiful together.. They have this amazing chemistry onscreen.. You could almost believe that Greg Michael, who plays Kevin, is gay.. but he’s not.. Any and all intimate scenes between them are just beautifully shot and choreographed (if there was any) and are so amazingly hot! (word of the day) that I’m even getting a little bit steamed under the collar just thinking about them. In fact, the scenes with the lesbian/gay characters are often the most gorgeously shot.. and let me tell you, I could just watch them forever..

Okay, now I got a lot of bones to pick. If you’re looking for a fantastic storyline, think again.. The plotlines are a little thin, and somewhat haphazard in their construction, and you could poke huge holes in the story.. Not one for those looking for a juicy storyline.. If anything, it’s more of a visual fest than something of substance.. (I say, good enough).

The casting of William Gregory Lee and Tracy Scoggins kind of leaves me cold. No mistake, WGL is a good looking actor.. I’ve seen him in ‘Dark Angel’ and ‘Xena’ so he has some talent.. But I can’t get over his totally dark look here. WGL plays ‘Ambrosius Vallin.’ I know he’s supposed to be the ‘big bad,’ but he is just plain bad. How bad he looks is so much of a distraction, that I almost ignored his artificial and stiff acting.. More on that later though. Tracy Scoggins however, is… I don’t know.. I have a love-hate thing about her. Tracy is beautiful yes, but in this totally artificial way that is utterly distracting. She is good casting for ‘Grace’ as she carries off that ‘scorned woman/evil witch’ vibe really great.. and I guess her ‘almost plastic’ looks fit in with the character. However, it’s hard for me to believe her, to be someone’s ‘High Priestess’ daughter.. Let’s face it, ‘Grace’ looks a lot older than her mother.

My other pet peeve.. Oh dear lord, the accent. When ‘Grace’ opens her mouth to speak, I just want to throw a bag of wailing cats at her. It’s that bad.. WGL as ‘Ambrosius’ ain’t that great either.. Because of the ‘accent’, the dialogue becomes stiff and forced, and I was almost cringing everytime there was a scene with ‘Ambrosius’ or ‘Grace.’ I was watching one of the DVD extras, where Tracy Scoggins herself said that even if your TV was mute, you’d still watch.. I’d make the suggestion that if either ‘Grace’ or ‘Ambrosius’ come on, mute the TV and just watch.. You’ll feel a lot better that way..

Right… Storyline.. I know I said they were thin.. But the dialogue is even worse.. The lines are so bad, that you’d think all of the principal cast members were bad actors, but they’re not. Tracy Scoggins and Greg Michael are prime examples.. They’re both good actors, you’re likely to catch them in a Primetime show, but the dialogue is so awful, that it actually reflects in the acting. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear applies so much to this. I want to see the script so badly, just to see what stage directions they gave to the actors, because I just burst out laughing in the supposedly most dramatic scenes..

I suggest that you watch Dante’s Cove twice.. Once for the beautiful people, and once for the gorgeous scenery.. The producers really took advantage of the Turks and Caicos Islands where the first season was shot.. The scenery really made up for the short comings of the script.. Prime example: Ambrosius Vallin’s lair.. You’d almost forgive his ‘wannabe vampire’ look to romp around with him once in his ‘S&M’-esque dark dungeon-ey, goth bedroom.. Here’s a piece of trivia : Ambrosius’ bedroom is actually shot in a prison.. Explains the vibes..

I cannot get enough of the music in Dante’s Cove.. It’s absolutely aural heaven to me.. the mix of goth rock, techno and emo.. However, the music in the show isn’t that reflected in the soundtrack CD, so what I suggest is that you search for the tracks individually. That’s what I’m doing.

Overall, Dante’s Cove is a guilty pleasure.. I almost can’t wait to get back home and cozy up on the sofa to get my next dose of the hot, heavy and lustful.

Right.. All this sex and magic just makes me want to make out with someone.. Any volunteers? At this point.. either sex will do..


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