Learning to run :.

July 19, 2007

Two days of cardio in a row.. an emergency cropped up and I had to send my parents to the airport, so I missed out on my PT with Ian..

I was thinking of trying spinning again, but there were only intermediate classes today, so I gave it a miss.. I wasn’t about to jump into the deep end without at least trying to last through an entire class. I may try that next week..

I’ve mentioned before that I have trouble running.. I have some weird thing with my hip, where it locks up.. but jogging I can just about do..

I’ve started jogging for two minute intervals on the treadmill.. It’s kind of scary to see how fast my heart rate just shoots to about 180.. I didn’t realise I was that ‘unfit.’ Well, time to change all that..

I’m doing a jog for 2 min/walk for 3 min.. It’s a comfortable pace I can keep up.. Before, just rushing up a couple of flights of stairs used to wind me.. The fact that I can keep pace for 2 mins, is a pretty big improvement.. I have to admit, there were a couple of times that I got winded and ended up shaving 30 secs off my jog time.. But it’s the first week, you know.. We shall make improvements as we go along..

There was a guy beside me earlier at the gym, he had been running for 30 mins.. and I could only look on in envy.. I mean, come on.. in a 2 min jog, I was as drenched as he was at the end of his 30 mins..

When working out, you can’t really compare yourself to others, you got all body types, and people who have been working out for years and newbies.. It’s okay to be a little competitive, but you don’t wanna be such a smart ass, that upon seeing a guy squatting 150 lbs, you think, “Hey, I can do that!” when you’ve really only been lifting a week.

Though I envy those people who can run for miles without breaking a sweat, I know I myself am capable of getting to their level, it’s all a matter of keeping up, improving a little at a time.. and habits have got to change.. I don’t expect miracles, especially since I still smoke.. That’s one habit I really have to kick.

But I’m happy with what I’ve achieved the last couple of days.. I’ve been to the gym three days in a row.. that’s one more day a week than I’ve been going for a couple of months. If I go tomorrow, it will be two. And when I hit the gym on Saturday to PT with Ian, that will be three. Take it one day at a time.. Add another minute, an extra rep, an additional lb on the bar. Don’t let the setbacks and disappointments get you down.. Keep moving forward.. At each goal, celebrate your achievement, and look forward to the next one.. Don’t stop, don’t stop believing, and above all, don’t stop achieving..

Yes, this is becoming a slayer, the hard way..


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