Sorrow :.

July 19, 2007

Life is a strange and unpredictable creature.. One minute you are celebrating your life, and the next you are mourning the end of someone else’s,,

I don’t know, I guess I am just shocked.. I barely knew this man, but he has helped my family greatly in the past couple of months.. He’s helped so many people in his long lifetime, and the stories he has to tell are as amazing as they are almost unbelievable..

I guess I just feel fortunate enough that he has been able to impart some knowledge to us, shared some of his amazing experiences, and help in whatever way he can..

Though I’m sad that he’s gone, there’s that part of me that knows, a very special man has been called back to God, and that he will have a place among the good people, for all the work he has done in his lifetime..

For this man, Al-Fatihah.


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