Sore and the Deathly Panda Eyes :.

July 22, 2007

My brain’s fuzzy from staying up all night and not getting enough sleep… my legs and my chest are sore..  I’m still wondering why my dad makes me get up so early on a Sunday…

So I’ve finished ‘Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.’ Despite it not being as thick as ‘HBP’ or ‘GOF’, it took me the better part of the day to finish it, because I was running around doing errands and stuff.

And then when I finished the book around ten-ish last night, I had to go back and read some bits again.

(Don’t worry, no spoilers here..)

‘TDH’ is alright I suppose. It’s an ending to the ‘Potter’ series..  I just didn’t expect J.K Rowling to be so cruel and brutal to kill so many characters like they were flies being swatted. I suppose it’s in the swing of the drama in the book.. I wanted a longer book just so that I could see most of the characters that Harry interacts with have a sort of ending as well, not just Harry. But at the same time, Rowling really knows how to pour the suspense in. After the deaths of two characters in the first few chapters, you’re thinking, ‘All bets are off, who’s next?’

There was one bit, I think that Hermione was being OTT. But at the same time, I could relate on a little level.

I’m sorry, when Rowling writes THE kissing scene.. I winced a bit. Too romancey novel for me. Then there was THE OTHER kissing scene.. Umm.. I was rolling my eyes.

I see the word ‘BITCH’ used  in  the text…

Some characters really came into their own in this book, and became more endeared to me..

When this book becomes a film, this is going to be all blood, guts and gore.

Right, go and read it and see if you agree with me on those few things I can say without ruining it for everyone. And be quick about it!


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