Coming to terms :.

July 23, 2007

Our three month anniversary came and went. I was hoping that he’d have realised things by then and he’d be back. But the quiet is suffocating, and so is the denial.

So, here it is in the black and white : Zz and I are not together anymore.

I don’t know how it happened, or why.. But things just broke down between us. I always thought that I’d be the one to run.. And the way it turned out, it’s him and not me. The curse of the ‘3 month relationship’ lives on.

I’m numb in the sense that there’s no time for me to be sad.. I’m busy, so I guess that’s my savior for now.

I’m not angry at Zz.. I’m hurt, and disappointed.. It feels like when I was finally ready for everything, he just stopped. Is it just the thrill of the chase that gets him?

Disappointing Relationships this year : 2 , Buffy : 0


It’s okay.. I have one healthy relationship that’s working for me now, and that’s between me and my gym.


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