Small Victories :.

July 26, 2007

In case you’re wondering.. I haven’t been wallowing in bed moping about Zz.. I’ve been so busy, that blogging has become a luxury..

I didn’t even manage to get to the gym until today.. and even then, it was just a PT session with Ian, I didn’t even have time to cardio..

A friend I hadn’t seen at the gym in a while was there today.. I didn’t even realise it was him on the treadmill in front of me.. And when I realised it was Tin tin, I wolf-whistled and told him to shake his bon-bon..  Okay, I know it’s incredibly sexist.. but we’re cool like that.

It was a good session, despite all the children in the weights room. Ian was having me do lat pull-downs, squats and push-ups back to back. So we occupied our little corner of the room.. I was doing quite well, when in the middle of my 2nd set of reps, some punk decided to use the lat pull down machine. Ian politely shooed them away, but I could tell he was annoyed. The third time around, some other child decided to try squats in the power rack, using the weight Ian set up for me. I was less than amused at that point, and Ian frustrated.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that there’s no exclusivity on weights.. But at least have the courtesy to ask if we were done, and the other thing that bothered me was that by the third rep, the weight on the bar was quite heavy, and not good to start with, or for beginners, which I assumed that guy was.. (You can tell, over developed arms, skinny legs.) So for my fourth set, Ian set the weight heavy. Not too heavy for me, of course, but heavy enough to show those kids that I am not to be messed with. The thing about Ian is, he’s not heavy handed with the compliments. When I’ve done a good job, he acknowledges it.. If I’m being lazy, he lets me have it. So when he said ” Show them what you can do..” I knew that was my cue..

We’re both pleased with my push-ups.. Both in quality and quantity. No spaghetti limp arms for this girl. I was so happy that I gave Ian the lunges. You gotta give and take..  I may whine about them, but I’ll still do them.

The highlight of the day wasn’t about working out, though it happened at the gym. I had just picked up a parcel from the post office.. and inside were two pairs of jeans I had bought on eBay. At first glance, I was wary because as gorgeous as they were, I didn’t think they would fit. So after my shower, as if I was facing an enemy, I decided to try a pair on..

The fit is snug.. but I can fit into them! No grease or effort to get into them.. No sucking in, no not breathing.. I FIT INTO THOSE DAMN JEANS! I was so happy, I squealed and did a crazy half-nekkid dance around the locker room.. Had anyone walked in then, I think they would have thought I was batshit insane or something.

So yeah.. I’m getting there.. : ) One jeans size at a time!

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