Comfy Traveller :.

August 5, 2007

So I’m at the airport at last. We’re boarding in 20 minutes.

I got asked today how old I was. I just smiled and asked how old that person thought I was. 18 or 19, was the answer. Not more than 20. I grinned wider.

Okay, they probably made that assumption from the way I was dressed. I’m wearing Dian’s over-sized Gap sweatshirt, (which I haven’t returned and NEVER will)  a pair of black sweat pants and trainers. I look like more like a gym rat than an International Traveller, but I don’t care. I’m comfy beyond belief. I am a seasoned traveller, and from all my years back and forthing from London to Brunei and other places, I’ve learned these few things on how to survive long-haulling:

1) Jeans are not your friends. Especially the tight skinny jeans style that everyone is sporting these days. You try getting some sleep in a pair of tight jeans when your intestines are all bloated and there’s no give.

2) Water, water everywhere. Drink lots of water. Keeps you hydrated and almost looking pretty even though you’ve just spent the last 19 hours on a plane. Trust me, I know.

3) Forget the make-up on the plane. The only people who should wear make-up on a plane are the flight attendants. The rest of us should slap on moisturiser. Reapply every 4 hours or when necessary.

4) Wear something on your feet. Barefoot on plane is the equivalent of walking barefoot in a gas station toilet. Yup.

Right, I’ve got to bail. Some last minute shopping before we board, and I want to get a couple of American Magazines to list stuff I wanna get.

Next time you’ll hear from me will hopefully be from the Big Apple.

New York Diaries, y’all.

Still hate me? or hate me more?


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