Two and Two makes 80000 :.

August 12, 2007

You know what makes my brain work at max throttle despite the fact that I’m tired, unhappy, and cranky?

Longing. That’s what. Wanting. Desire.

Suddenly my head is full of all these thoughts, and I’m possibly out of orbit. All I know is.. that it could all work.. Like some grand long-term master plan. It could all work!

Well, if I go on with my plan for next summer necessitating what I need to do, I have more than enough to facilitate my desires, from point B to point C. From point A to point B, I can use some of the slush. In the wide wacky world of calculations, which is not my strong point, mind you.. This will all work out. Somehow.

Such madness.. such scheming..

I have a reason to live, again!



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