Recharging her batteries :.

August 16, 2007

Even though I got about 12 hours sleep last night, sometimes it’s not enough to recharge the batteries.. I wanted some time out to just be.. Which is hard when you’re in a house full of people, especially parents that feel compelled to check on you every half-hour or so just to make sure.

I thought that I’d dish with my friends over coffee, but most weren’t awake, and some were busy in the office.. By 10am, I’d cut my losses, finished running my errands and my left shoulder was aching something awful.

There’s this massage place nearby my office, though I had recommended to Green, I hadn’t tried myself. On impulse, I walked in, and asked for an hour and a half of stress relief.

You know what, it wasn’t bad at all… I didn’t realise how tense I really was, even my butt. I guess the whole 20 hours of sitting on a plane can do that to you. I think the other thing was that I haven’t had a massage in ages.. so maybe all that cumulative stress was dying to come out somehow.

I think if anyone were to look at my back right now, they’d start screaming.. It’s covered in red ugly stripes. The Indon lady who was working on me used a coin to ‘keluarkan angin’ and it was painfully ticklish.. But I feel a lot better after that.. especially the sore shoulder.

Now all I need is a shoulder to cry on, and a listening ear, and I guess I’m set.


One comment

  1. Not a shoulder, or an ear, but try a visit to the Abarat if you haven’t already. It’ll do wonders.

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