Mara Jade :.

August 17, 2007

I was walking around smugly in Q-lap Mall with my ROTJ Luke Skywalker shirt on. I am totally working my geek, y’all.

So much so, I’ve figured out what I’m gonna name my first child..  This is so celebrity names territory peoples..

It’s…. wait for it… S.G. Wan Skywalker..  GEDDIT? Hehehe…

You know like.. SG-1, my favourite sci-fi show of all time.. Wan can be the 1 in SG-1, or Wan as in Obi Wan… Skywalker is just pretty obvious…  No?

I’ll figure out what the initials S.G stand for when the child is born…

How about… So Good? No? Seth Green? Semi Gorgeous? Sexy Gams?

In case you were wondering.. there is no way I’m gonna name my child Star Gate.

That’s just asking for trouble…

Says the same mom who names her child Skywalker.



  1. Unique baby names are such a trend.

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  3. To me it is necessary to find

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