Don’t lose sight of what you really want :.

August 18, 2007

Dearest Buffy,

It’s not easy to step out of your comfort zone and become the person that you most want to be. It was never supposed to be easy, but you’ve taken the first step to getting where you need to go to become the person that you’re really meant to be.

Despite all the emotional ties, and the difficulties you face, you must not waver from your path. Keep in mind your ultimate goal, and you will make it. Forget all the haters, back-stabbers and nay-sayers, the disbelievers, false friends and those who don’t have your best interests at heart.

Only you know what you really need now.

You’re 25 years old. You’ve been through a long and arduous personal journey that has gotten you to this point. You have been to hell, and back, and emerged stronger than before, wiser, and more centered and focused. All the hardships you have faced until now have prepared for what you ultimately want in life. Don’t let setbacks get you down, don’t let bumps in the road allow you to turn back.

You are brave, and you are strong. Noone will ever understand you the way you wish to be understood, because no one has seen or experienced what you have. Take it all in stride that you are uniquely different, and because of it, this is why you want to forge your new journey into the unknown. Even if it means that you have to walk alone, you are no stranger to it.

Seek out guidance along the way, but make your own choice. It’s okay to be afraid, but bravely venture on.

Life is an adventure. Embrace it with open arms.

People may try to hold you back, but don’t let them, never let others get in the way of your dreams.

From now on, Buffy, take your life, and make it your own. Don’t let anyone else lead you. No matter what it takes.

Always have faith. Always believe.

Take care of yourself and your health. Try not to be too emotional and rush headlong into things. But by the same token, don’t be afraid to take a new opportunity as it arises.

You are meant for great things.

Believe in yourself.




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