Back to the gym :.

August 19, 2007

Though I got a major ego boost while I was in the U.S, I’m starting to come back down off my ego trip. It all started when I was looking pictures that I took last night while I was out with friends.. It did not look good.

I went to the gym yesterday, but try as I might, I just wasn’t feeling it. I was alone in the weights room.. wishing that Ian was there to talk to. I could barely focus on what I was doing. So after a quick round, I just went home and went on a Stargate binge.. watching 3 episodes to while away the afternoon.

I need to get my act together. Up the cardio, and stablize my lifting routine. Especially if I want to follow through with my special plans.

It’s just a little difficult now, because I’m so used to having Ian around not just to watch my form, but to talk to. Well, at least I went back to the gym.

Tomorrow I’ll just do 11-ty billion miles of cardio just to get my routine started.. Yeah, go Buffy go..


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