Don’t let them hold you back :.

August 20, 2007

Dearest Buffy,

Don’t let other people steal your dreams. Don’t let them tie you down to places you don’t want to be. You’ve taken the first step to steering your own destiny, taking back your life.. so listen not to the promises of money and investments.. Your dream, your ultimate goal is one that will not tie you down here.

Focus hard. Visualise. For now, make your immediate goal a reality. Set it in stone, and let that be your guidance and encouragement to keep going.

Don’t forget about your duties now. Even while you dream of your better life, make sure you take care of your responsibilities.

But remember every moment, every breath, that you were meant for more. A small life is not for you. Your dreams are big, far-sighted and absolutely achievable.

Believe in yourself. Believe in ‘the dream.’

With love,



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