He’s just that into you… :.

August 21, 2007

.. when he rides his bike across town, even to see you just for half an hour.

.. because he likes it when you put his hand over his heart, he even places it there himself.

.. when he looks into your eyes when you’re being intimate, and his stare is so intense, you have to look away. And you’re usually the intense one!

.. when he doesn’t say goodbye, he says ‘See you again.’

.. when he doesn’t care that he has to impress a village to go out with you.

.. when he says that his family will love you, and he means it.

.. when he just wants to touch your skin, any part, any where, he just wants to be ‘skin-to-skin’ with you.

.. if he will patiently wait for months just to see you again..


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