Sexy Sheppard :.

August 22, 2007

Everyone just pause, and look. *sigh*

John Sheppard

Lt. Col. John Sheppard comes in second of my list of Sci-Fi hotties.. The first of course, being Dr. Daniel Jackson (yummy Michael Shanks!), but since his series is now defunct, I only have Atlantis to keep me warm at night. And boy, does it ever!

Yes, I fancy Joe Flanigan, even if his little stint on ‘Dawson’s Creek’ did seriously creep me out. I didn’t think I was going to like Atlantis because of my love for SG-1, but I find the show seriously refreshing and entertaining. And the fact that Joe Flanigan and Paul McGillion are so easy on the eyes does help.. (Not to mention Beckett’s delicious Scottish accent, it’s enough to make a girl’s legs go weak..)

I’m just starting to watch Season 2 of Atlantis after finishing Season 9 of SG-1. I’m really, really trying to hold off viewing Season 10 for as long as possible. I’ve already read the episode summaries on GateWorld.net, so it’s not like I don’t know what’s going on.. (Yeah, it’s weird, I actually like plot spoilers before I watch something.. I think it’s cos I’m a Global thinker..) , but I can’t bear to watch it because I know it’s the end. And I have only more Atlantis to look forward to.. well, and waiting for the DVD movies to come out..

In the meanwhile, I’m really liking Atlantis, so much so, I did the geek thing and ordered a couple of the Atlantis Decals for my laptop.. so it looks all cool, just like the laptops in Atlantis… Yup, I think I’m ready for the Atlantis Expedition.. Daedalus, take me away!



  1. Browder doesn’t even rate a mention? Oddness.

  2. Jury’s still out on him.. I wanna get a copy of Farscape first before I say anything about Browder.. He’s not bad though.. But I like my Shanks and Flanigan..

  3. He’s certainly better in Farscape, but then I like it more than SG-1. More humor I think, though maybe it’s all the Australian connections. (Where did you think the PTB would live?)

    I just started watching Atlantis series 3 and, like you, i love reading spoilers. I’ve watched soooooooo many producer interviews and they say season four is all about relashonships, (so they say, can we trust them?)

    your truely,
    Miss Sheppard (I WISH!!!)

  5. Sheppard is just DELICIOUS! I’m a big Daniel Jackson fan too, though I gotta say my big crush in SG-1 just HAD to be Jack O-Neill… rawr. And Jonas Quinn was a do-able stand in while Daniel was dead…
    And then there’s always Ba’al. I know he’s a bad guy, but when I listen to that South African accent… *melts*

  6. sheppard and mitchell are by far the hottest guys on earth.
    i’ve been watching season 4 and its kind of all about relationships but there is much more to it then just that.

  7. I LOVE YOU ALL! I can’t belive that there are people as obsesed as me over these guys! my list goes something like this:
    1) Mr. Darcy/ John Sheppard
    2) Jack O’Niell
    3) Daniel Jackson
    4) Cliff Simon (Ba’al)
    5) Ben Browder
    6) Orlin (the one ancient that comes to earth and falls in love with Sam, and builds a stargate in her basment out of a toaster! he is not bad at all)

  8. ^ Totally agrees with mhorks list..

    How could anyone forget OYes, Stargate is in no serious shortage of handsome men I must say. There is no end to the pleasure I get from watching all the seasons over and over. Sometimes you can forget the dialogue and just stare at Jackson, Shepphard, O’Neill, Orlin, Ba’al, Cam and Jonas..

    Who said sci-fi was only for geeks, right?

  9. I hate to break bad news. Stargate Atlantis is quiting in two episodes; FOR EVER! I want to just lie down and die. I have like this vacum that stargate is leaving, and I latched onto that new show Sanctuary. And Dr. Wil Zimmerman deserves a mention.
    P.S. If anyone can get a list of anything that Joe Flanigan is doing soon, LET ME KNOW! I need more Sheppard.

  10. hey what about lorne and ronin? They deserve honorable mention… Haha ummm yea, and i gotta agree about becket… Lovely :-] even for a guy… Sorry to spoil it…

  11. i think that dr.daniel jackson is the most handsome geek ever!he is the 1 that i most defnitely have a HUGE CRUSH ON!

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