Friendly gestures not allowed. :.

August 28, 2007

I incurred the wrath of my parents the other day..  I saw a friend at the supermarket, and went over to say Hi.. We did cheek kiss thing..

It sounds so innocent, but the problem was that the other person was a guy. And my parents were there to witness it.

I forget I’m not longer in Europe, and it’s not appropriate here.

But I’d be a damn hypocrite if I said I didn’t do it before my parents saw me that day.

You take it for granted, this greeting when you see a friend, the cheek to cheek. Or even an enveloping hug when you see the extra special people.

So now I’ve been told that it’s wrong. And I have to tell my friends.

Why do I feel like it sucks wet wang? The next time I see my guy friends I have to hold them at arm’s length.. well, ain’t that great..

You know what stings the most? It’s that they said that it made me cheap. I don’t know why that made the tear roll down my face, but it did. It hurt.


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