Subtly Sore :.

September 4, 2007

I’ve been on hiatus from the gym.. and during that time, I was eating as if food was going out of style.. uh-huh.. Normally I can control myself somewhat, but this particular hormone cycle was driving me off the deep end.. I just was craving outside food like crazy.. and there mere mention of a restaurant by name would have me salivating for their specials. Yeah.. mind is weak, stomach is even weaker.

So I went to the gym yesterday, after my favourite pair of jeans started getting just a little too snug. I tried my best, I really did.. I even tried so hard I hard to throw up mid-way. Yes, I should have eased into the weights, but I was so cranky I wanted to feel something. In my head, I was playing Ian’s chants on repeat. Not as good as having him here obviously.

I’m slightly sore today.. It feels good.. It’s not bad enough to impair me in anyway. I don’t have to hang onto my car roof when I try to lower myself into my car.. but it feels achy enough to remind me of the goodness of the workout.

Also, I have this thing at the moment, where I really just wanna listen to music from the 90’s.. weirdd.. so I’m in the middle of downloading these two compilation albums, one of the top 100 rock songs of the last decade of last century.. and the other has songs from every year. Cool.. It’s just taking forever to download.. and I wanna listen to them NOW.

My brain is fuzzy right now.. I don’t know why I’m blogging.. maybe I just need a brain dump.


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