Long Overdue :.

September 5, 2007

Dear Buffy,

It’s okay to dream big, but without action, dreams are merely dreams.

What have you been doing with your life lately except sleeping, eating and being a total zombie?

Yeah, you wanna go to New York and Sydney, Washington and Cairo, San Francisco and Vancouver..

But you can dream all you want and these things will never happen unless you DO.

Take a quote from Yoda, ” Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try.”

*Yoda comes in and smacks knuckles smartly with his stick*

“Take quotes you do not. Ask permission first.”

Okay, okay. Yoda, borrow your quote, may I?

“Mocking Jedi Master, are you?”

No sir, na-uh.. I would never..

*Yoda putters out*

So.. as I was saying Buffy.. Like the great granddaddy of them Jedi Masters says.. “Use the Force, Luke.”  Okay, I know, it wasn’t Yoda, it’s Obi Wan… But I digress..

My point is, if you want this amazing life you dream of..  You gotta take action.. Sam Carter probably didn’t get that smart by parking her butt and reading physics books all day.. And she probably wouldn’t have blown up a sun, or left the plans for the nahqahdah generator in just theorems and algorithms.

So you know what you have to do. The time to do it is now.

Yoda, Sam, the Scoobies and the Force are with you..

Love, Buffy.


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