Small Bytes – Before Puasa Edition :.

September 12, 2007

I’m so jaded by the world lately. Not enough happy. Too much angry and sadness. Where is the happy, I don’t know. I miss the happy.

It’s Britney, bitch. After her disappointing performance at the VMA, you have to watch the video of her ‘SuperFan’ Chris Crocker defending what little left of Britney’s honour there is. To make fun of someone’s sincere tears is evil. But hella funny. And I need a laugh these days. Click here for video. Word of warning.. He/she/it wails something horrible, so turn down your speakers if you don’t want the dogs in your neighbourhood barking, and the cats wailing. My favourite bits : “two fcuking kids,” “SHE’S A HUMAN!” and “You mess with me..” Like yeah whatever. What are you gonna do, cry us to death? Cry me a river, bitch.

I’m doing a Bridget Jones and cutting down on my fag consumption. It’s not as painful as I thought. But still hard. Part of it is because my damn mouth still hurts so much from the root canal, it actually irritates me to smoke. And I stopped buying menthols.. and I damn do not like Lights.

Call me the ‘Grinch of Raya,’ because I’m not looking forward to it, AT ALL! If I could, I’d rather be elsewhere for Raya, nowhere that’s celebrating. I’m looking forward to Puasa.. but not Raya.. Worrying about bajus and what to serve and open houses and just stuff like that in general.. DO NOT WANT! I might not even have an open house this year. But people are welcome to request my famous ‘recipe so secret I have to kill you if I tell you’ lasagna for their open house. Will be happy to contribute. I’ll put XXXtra cheese even.. on top of the usual Xtra cheese I pack in there. Please form an orderly queue. Lasagna limited to one house per day.. while stocks last.

It’s funny how people can make you feel so small about yourself. Things like ‘you look cheap’ and ‘nobody likes you because you’re so selective about your friends’ and other assorted comments that makes one feel less than one’s worth. Damn. Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t believe everything that is said, but hell, like I said above, there’s not much of the happy in my life right now.

Oh, I should give mention iJustine. I don’t know if it’s for real, but apparently she got an Apple logo tattoo. Which is pretty nuts.. But that girl’s heart belongs to Steve Jobs. So I guess that’s more appropriate than signing his name across her heart. As for me, I’d get a Stargate Tauri Chevron tattoo.. or the Atlantis Patch.. yeah.. that would be like the 100th level of cool for me.

Okay.. well.. That’s it for today.. I dunno.. if my head’s on straight later I’ll give you guys something more to chew on. But for now, I’m just gonna go cry in my shower, alone. That’s nothing you wanna see on youtube.



  1. C’mon, Britney’s being exploited. Her team should have said, “she can’t go on” and they should have put someone else on in her place. No one would have cared, or maybe even noticed, and Britney could have saved some of her dignity. She’s lost it right now, maybe post natal depression, or just normal depression, but she needs some proper help.

  2. Though, that IS funny. 🙂

  3. Have you seen the parody versions? I swear they’re all hysterical and they just keep getting funnier…

  4. The Seth Green one is great. Go Oz!

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