Where’s the water? :.

September 14, 2007

Sometimes I feel like a flower without enough water.. I’m wilting..

I know it’s supposed to be the good month, and I’m supposed to behave. But is it wrong to just want someone to cuddle at night? Or rub noses with? Just take the pain of the day away.. Without some love and care, a person can wilt too.. just like a flower. You don’t notice it at first.. The leaves lose their luster, and then some of the petals begin to fall.. and by the time you remember to water it.. The bloom’s gone.. the stem has lost it’s ability to stand.. and it’s too late..

Some plants are hardy.. Like the cactus.. but it doesn’t mean that it still doesn’t need care. Others are delicate, like the orchid.. left in the blazing sun.. the plant will wither and die.. and if the roots aren’t free to sprout.. it doesn’t thrive.

It’s funny, if you water the plants too much, they die.. if you water too little, they die too..

I just feel like a flower thats planter doesn’t have a hole for drainage..  doesn’t get enough sun or water.. It’s a slow and tedious way to go.. Because you’re using up all the food in the leaves and they’re turning yellow and dropping off… You’re struggling to live, but even that is killing you.

Is there anyone kind enough to plant this flower back in the sun?


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