Fame is such a fickle creature :.

September 21, 2007

That Chris Crocker video has gone VIRAL! As of now, the video has had over 8 million hits, and spawned a slew of spoofs.. Some notable ones being Perez Hilton, iJustine and my personal favourite, Seth Green, black eyeliner galore!

And to top it all of, the crazed ‘Brit Brit’ fan has scored interviews on American morning talkshows and on Jay Leno. INSANE.

Is this the nature of celebrity now? I mean, seriously, we pop some crazy video on YouTube, and BAM! You’re the next subject to be interviewed?

So bad black eyeliner + scroungy white shirt + beige sheet background + enormous wailing & crying = FAME!

Jeez.. I so need to get some of that..

(Warning: For all these vids.. I really suggest you turn the speakers down.. all these whiny voices could make you pop an eardrum.)


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