Special to me :.

September 24, 2007

Happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers out there.. especially to the ones who have bent my brain and moulded it in directions I never conceived of when I was a student under their tutelage.

The rest of this post is irrelevant to teachers, it’s about a person who happens to be a teacher, who holds a damn special place in my heart because of our friendship, as weird as it is.

He doesn’t know how damn special he is.. and maybe it should stay that way. But he knows how much he means to me, I told him so.. many years ago, at Coffee Bean, when I told him I had a crush on him.

He knew all along of course, and he told me honestly, he just didn’t feel the same, but he told me that it was the bravest thing to do to tell him.. Of course I cried my eyes out in the car on the way home.. But, you know.. looking back, I appreciate that he was honest, and that he let me know that it was a  brave thing to do.

Our friendship has sort of cooled over the years, especially since that day.. but we remember each other on important days, like today, and on our birthdays, that are so close that it’s almost like we celebrate it together.

He is still very dear to me and though the feelings are not the same.. The love for him is still there, and now I only want him to find happiness.

For you, my friend.. though you will never know.. Happy Teacher’s Day. I love you. Take care.


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