Podcast casting :.

September 25, 2007

I spend wayy to much time on teh interwebs. For sure. Yeah, after the fasting month, I’ll go and start living proper and working out again. Meanwhile, it’s just the internet and DVDs.

Last night I was up ’til late with the aural society, as we were deciding on the cast for this soap opera podcast that we’re putting together. I was hoping to get one of the major parts, but I got a minor one instead, as the French maid. Well, apparently I put on a really good French accent, so good enough.

I just got into Podcasts over the last year, since I learned how to use the Podcast thingy in iTunes.. I mostly use it to download the Podrunner mixes (which are so fanatastically awesome, that you HAVE TO donate to DJ SteveBoy to keep his site running, and his mixes coming) but I got more involved when I started listening to fan made episodes of ‘Firefly.’ Listening to the podcast was like watching the show, that’s how well made it was, and it got me hooked. I wanted to know how to make them.. so I joined the society.

The aural society are a bunch of people who write and produce different kinds of podcasts, ranging from music related to loose continuations of your favourite cancelled TV shows. I have yet to convince them to do Stargate SG-1 though… and if they ever decide to do a ‘still-live show’, I’ve got my heart set on being the voice of Teyla.

Now I have to find a quiet moment of the day which I can record my small, but significant part. The writers just sent me my script bits, and I have to figure out my delivery, and make sure that the ambient noise level is kept at a minimum so when they put the podcast bits together, it sounds all magical and radio-ish like we’re in the same room.

The one thing that is amusing me most about this is that I’m involved in a soap. I kind of hate soap operas.. they’re just so OTT, so my involvement in one is just… hilarious. Well, it gives me a better learning curve because you can overact just a little bit, it’s not a strict down and serious thing. I need to practice my french giggle. Apparently I’m having an affair with my boss and her husband.. and trying to keep the affairs from both of them…

This is going to be fun, if not just mighty interesting…


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