Non-functioning Morning :.

November 3, 2007

The worst part about being involved with someone either near or far, is when you don’t hear from them for a few days, or hours, depending on your neuroses.

So I’m suffering one of those mornings when my brain won’t jump start to do anything because it all depends if I hear from a certain person, or not. *sigh*

At the rate things are going, I confess to enjoying things a little too much. Getting too dependent? Maybe. I’ve been too long and too far without the place where my heart truly belongs, so a closer distraction has been dropped in my lap for now. Though my guilt says I shouldn’t, that mini-me of irresponsibility and that birthday monkey on my back whisper and hiss in my ear to just enjoy myself before the inevitable date of doom.

I’m just going to enjoy myself for now. God knows, a girl needs a little fun every now and then.


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