You know you’re kinda spoilt when.. :.

November 5, 2007

a) you buy all your good toiletries/make-up online or overseas. Heaven forbid that the generic stuff they use here should ever touch your skin.

b) you only buy clothes during that one shopping spree a year at Macy’s/Woodbury Common/Saks, New York. You live in Brunei.

c) you have 3 laptops. The old one. The older one. And the one you just bought. And you’re already thinking about the specs of the next one.

d) you only listen to your music exclusively via iPod. Radio is like sooo last century. I dictate my playlist, y’all. Yeah-huh.

e) you ride with 7 pairs of shoes in the car. So you can swap and change according to your mood.

f) your room actually consists of : bedroom, budoir, office and bathroom. And it’s the size of a luxury New York apartment.

Other assorted madness will be added accordingly.


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