Ticking off symptoms :.

November 6, 2007

An inexplicable need to do something to my hair – Check.

Overindulging in things I had pretty much given up – Check.

Total emotional rollercoaster – Double Check.

Several epiphanies that happen in the course of one morning – Check.

An incredible urge to shop for things I don’t really need but am convinced will change my life – Checkity Check Check.

Coming Soon…

An emotional breakdown about minor and insignificant things

An incredible urge to start sorting out my stuff

A hissy fit in public for no apparent reason

An attack of the crazies



  1. Pleasedontgocrazyonme.Pleasedontgocrazyonme.Pleasedontgocrazyonme.Pleasedontgocrazyonme.Pleasedontgocrazyonme.Pleasedontgocrazyonme.Pleasedontgocrazyonme.

    You can tell ive enough on my plate without having u suddenly burst into random fits of giggles and joking abt that 25yrold-dumb-blonde story i told on ur last bday and other silly nonsense.

    I must admit, it’s fun when it happens though. hehe

  2. Oh no, go crazy – it’s much more enjoyable for us to read. 🙂

  3. Ha! My favourite blog hopper.. I was wondering where you were… Thought you had disappeared out into the Big Black and ain’t never coming back…

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