Chocolate. Crunch. Cake. – Small Bytes :.

November 7, 2007

I woke up craving the mother of all cakes. The crack cocaine of cake. Cake so sweet, so good, so bad for you, that if you were to eat one cake alone, you’re guaranteed to suffer from the mother of all crack cocaine of cake sugar highs and suffer a hangover the next day.

Ooh.. I fancy a really good sugar hangover…

On a similarly sugary note, does anyone know where I can get Mountain Dew in Brunei? Seriously, I searched high and low, to and fro, far and wide, side by side for that canned oddly yellow liquid sugar badness. My precious little secret stockpile is running low, and I’m not going to Singapore anytime soon.. and for some reason these past couple of months, it’s been a running craving.

Someone suggested ‘Kickapoo’, but you’d have to pretend really hard to even get that shit to taste like Mountain Dew. Why, oh why didn’t I just OD myself on it while I was in New York? The last time I was in Singapore, I went to a KFC and quite literally gorged myself on the damn Dew. I was jittering in bed for the rest of the night.

Now stuff totally unrelated, I found my long missing favourite make-up bag yesterday. Just popped up out of the blue, in a place I would have never put it. The one thing I’m annoyed about is that I had just ordered replacements for the missing make-up yesterday morning.. (a minor fortune), and found the bag in the afternoon. Grrr. Oh well, yang mahalnya, at least I found my favourite eye make-up brush. Now I have to wash all my brushes after the aftermath of the festive season, which did a number on both them and my face.

I have just finished watching the third Season of Stargate Atlantis. Oooh! I knew I shouldn’t have OD’d on my SGA, but I couldn’t help myself. I got so excited after seeing it on the shelf of my local *cough, pirated, cough* DVD shop, I actually bought it on the spot and started watching it that night. Being the hardcore (in Bruneian terms) Stargate fan that I am, I will buy the rest of the original series the next time I hit up the Big Ol’ U.S of A. Am still in love with Sheppard but now me soft spot for Carson has grown, and yes, I got more than a little teary after watching ‘Sunday.’ However, I was more than happy to see Jewel ‘Kaylee of Firefly’ Staite, and see two of my favourite worlds collide.

I’m having lunch with a friend today. Ooh, nervousness. I haven’t talked to him properly in a while, so I confess to butterflies. Maybe just shadows of an old feeling, and of course, worry because well.. we haven’t really talked since our last run in which led to a lot of stomped on feelings. I am definitely better now, and I really, really want to mend our friendship.

Dear Satan Santa, since I’ve been a sort-of, maybe, perhaps, almost good girl this year, here is my list of stuff I want for Christmas/ Raya/ my birthday/ whenever you see fit:

1) the entire Stargate collection on DVD

2) Firefly Season 2 (Yes, Santa, please tell Joss to make it!)

3) a writer’s job in Hollywood

4) Jake Gyllenhaal in a dress.

5) Lt. Col. John Sheppard

6) A Betsy Johnson ‘Love Struck’ Sweet Punk Dress in my size

7) A pair of cyberlicious Dior purple, black and silver heels in my size

8) The entire M.A.C makeup collection

9) Adam Levine (dressed in his album cover clothes)

10) A Green Card

11) A sense of humour (not for me, for the cranky pants in my family, you know who that is, they’re on your Nice but Very Naughty list)

12) The Guinness loving, gray-eyed, Irish soul from the Upper West Side, wrapped up in a bow.

Thanks Santa, I know you’re really Superman, cos only one man can turn back time and fly really fast and lives at the North Pole. *wink* But your secret is safe with me.

Oh yeah, don’t forget, I totally saved the world from total annihilation.

Love, Buffy.


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