Two cute mice, see how they run! :.

November 7, 2007

I just the most adorable mices in the world! Green took me to OGH during lunch time to check out the BCL sale.. Lots and lots of gorgeous stuff.. basically, I just dipped my hand in my purse and threw money at people there..

But I must talk about my mice.. these two cute Ty Beanie Babies mice… A grey one with a gingerbread man and a white one with a wreath. I shall name them ‘Snuggle’ and ‘Snowy’…

Eeeee… I want to hug them and kiss them.. Too bad they’re going to be separated later this month.. I’m going to send one to my gray eyed guy, and we’ll reunite them when we see each other next. Right now I’m imagining this movie-like scene, it’s snowing at the Rockafeller Centre, and people skating.. I’m holding Snuggles in my hand… and suddenly the crowd parts, and Gray eyes is standing there, clutching Snowy the exact same way I’m holding Snuggles. And you can imagine the rest.. something to do with kissing while the snow’s falling, and the mice look like they’re kissing too.

I know.. I’m turning into a sentimental softy in my old age. But maybe it’s not such a bad thing.. hehe.

That said, if I see this scene ripped off in a Hollywood movie, I’m so going to sue.

I’m just wondering if I actually have the heart to bundle up this cute little mouse, and put it in a box to send half-way across the world.

Edit: Picture added here – tikuses



  1. I so DON’T want to see that movie, it sounds terrible. 🙂

  2. I know, it’s terrible, it’s cliche.. but I like the whole idea.. heh.

    Yup, need to tick another thing off my list, hormones and soppiness, check.

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